Newest Additions to Revolve

ImageWe haven’t had Community Rides in awhile, but recently hosted a few since we’ve brought on new instructors! If you’re not familiar, Community Rides are free of charge and follow the first come, first serve (or rather first come, first to ride) rule and are taught by new Revolve instructors. Riders got the very sweaty chance to experience the styles of James Zanewicz, Stephanie O’Neill, and Gregg Pitts to decide if they’re worth the investment.

James A.K.A JZ and/or Jimmy Z taught a Friday Happy Hour Ride and was definitely more fun than any happy hour in the neighborhood! James got into spinning when the doctor told him he needed to lay off the running. Spinning was clearly his calling all along once you experience the energy James brings to the studio. He’s a welcomed male presence to the studio – it’s not easy keeping up with the ladies of Revolve. 

Stephanie got riders going early on a Sunday morning. Stephanie fell in love with spinning back in college and never looked back. Like James, she brings serious energy to her class.  She’s got some style, and uses plenty of loud and uplifting “Woooooo’s!!!”  It’s always evident whether your instructor wants to be in the room with you or not, and you don’t question that with Stephanie. She brought some unique techniques like “Around the World” to her introductory class (quick changes between the saddle, lift, and hover positions). She paired this teaching technique with “Call Me Maybe” so even though you guys just met her, it might be crazy, but book your seat maybe and find out what her deal is.

Gregg taught a Thursday night and lunchtime ride. Gregg started his spinning journey wanting to get in better shape and met that goal with success, losing an incredible 60 pounds as a result! Like James, we know Gregg can hang with the ladies of Revolve. He played a killer remix of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know, which even though that Belgian’s getting overplayed it makes you love all over again. The overall response from riders after class? That was TOUGH. Check the schedule for your chance to ride with our newbies!