Taking names and kicking ass — our NYC instructors

Christianne Phillips

Christianne began teaching at our Washington, D.C. location and it was all we could do to stop riders from fighting one another to get into her class (almost…). You’ll see energy, passion, and dedication on a bike like never before with her – mother, dancer, fitness freak, runner. She does it all. And she’ll make you leave it all on the bike.

Ary Nunez

Want to look like a rock star? Ary will get you there, but just make sure you come to class. She helped get Rihanna camera ready and she’ll make you love any and all random photos that you get tagged in. She knows how to keep things fresh so expect anything but routine from her.

Kira Stokes

Get stoked to ride with Kira at Revolve. She developed her own training technique, The Stoked Method, and has been featured in morning talk shows and fitness magazines galore. She was even a consultant for “Body By Jake.” HE wanted HER to consult him. Get ready… Get set… Get Stoked!

Jade Alexis

Ever watched an ELLE cardio body DVD? Jade was the fitness guru behind it. This Canadian native has been a boxer, tennis player, and trainer and definitely knows how to get you to push yourself outside the box. Download her apps Jade of Spades and 20 Down to get some of her fitness insider info.

Heidi Jones

CrossFit. Runner. Cyclist. Those are the activities Heidi loves (especially running) and does to stay in shape. Versatility, agility, mobility, and demonstrably an amazing athlete, we’re excited to her join the revival.

Dyan Tsiumis

Dyan found herself both physically and spiritually on her path to fitness. A graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she is also a Holistic Health Coach and is committed to her clients and riders feeling as fit and fierce as she does. Be ready for your mind and body to be revived.