Let the games begin!

Friday, July 27th at 6:00 pm marks the start of our summer challenge, the Revolve Olympics, which runs through Friday, August 24th.  To kick off the challenge, Francina and Angel will co-teach a 90 MINUTE CBR class PLUS an after party at Mister Days! WITH drink specials. Don’t worry, you’ll get rewarded for 90 minutes with these ladies.

Our challenge to you: get as many points as you can and win big. Info changes week to week and will be available on our Facebook page, email blasts, and in studio. Of course, we don’t have this point system for nothing.  We stand ready to deliver some pretty phenomenal prizes and incentives, riders!  Here is a breakdown of the key deets…

Getting Started:
Riders enter into this competition as one of two categories: Intro Pack rider or Regular Rider.  If you are attending the 90 min Olympics Kick-off ride this Friday, here are some things to know:

  • Your attendance will be worth 5 points + 10 additional points if you bring a friend that is a new rider
  • We’ll be doing a torch relay traveling across all bikes in the room
  • Wear USA colors!!!
  • Biker bingo: Every 15 minutes, we will pull for a free ride amongst riders in the class using numbered ping pong balls
  • You can earn 5 additional points if you attend the happy hour after! So duh, everyone is getting an extra 5 points.

Point System and Tracking:

  • 1 point: Ride 3x/week
  • 2 points: Attend one of Revolve’s “Classes of the Week”
  • 3 points: Revolve “Fan” (check-in on Facebook)
  • 4 points: Revolve “Lover” (tag your love for Revolve on Facebook)
  • 5 points: Revolve “Groupie” (bring a new friend/rider to class)
  • 6 points: Twitter pic: Tweet and tag your love for Revolve (@Revolvefit)
  • 7 points: $25 or more purchase of Revolve apparel
  • 8 points: Purchase of a 5 Pack
  • 9 points: Ride 5 times a week
  • 10 points: Purchase a 10-pack

Points will be recorded for Intro Pack riders and Regular Riders and there will be a first and second place winner for each category. We will be tracking each rider’s activities to aggregate points accordingly. Friday morning email the studio (clarendon@revolvefitness.com) by NOON letting us know if you have attended special classes each week, purchased a 5 or 10-pack, and how many total classes you’ve attended. The “week” runs the previous Friday-Thursday.

Prizes and Other Perks:
During the competition, all apparel will be 25% off Monday-Thursday so take advantage and add some Revolve gear to your fitness wardrobe!  On Friday, August 24th, we will hold our Closing Ceremony ride for the Revolve Olympics.  The top two riders in each category, Intro Pack and Regular riders, will be announced and get their hands on the below fabulous prizes.  If they are in attendance, they will get that ride for free as well.

  • First Prize: 10-pack of rides + water bottle + 1 apparel item
  • Second Prize:: 5-pack of rides + water bottle

Let’s give the London Olympics a run for its money!  Good luck everyone.