Take the Heat

Phew! It’s been blazing hot as of late, hasn’t it?!  We’re talking like a hundo degrees, your shoesare nearly melting to the ground type of heat.  If you’ve been running, doing boot camp, or cycling outside in spite of the high temperatures, hats off to you and don’t give up!  For others who have not been grin and bearing it because it’s just too miserable, listen up!  So it’s hot and awful, but the question is why does it really feel so terrible?A recent Express article spoke discussed dealing with the heat and discomfort many of us have been experiencing and how we eventually adapt to it.  Reason being that your body begins a process called acclimatization.  This process gets your body to a place where you can better deal with the heat.  You haven’t had to deal with these temperatures – or anything like them – for several seasons so your body is essentially in shock. The shift to coping with the heat more efficiently can occur in as few as a couple weeks.  Your health, fitness level, and age play a role however.  Those who are fitter/healthier acclimatize quicker than those who don’t exercise often, who are elderly, or who are overweight.  No matter who you are, stay on top of being hydrated and don’t overdo it with outdoor activity.  Take time to cool off inside regularly.  No shame in it!  To learn more about the acclimatization process, check out the “Take the Heat” article.Image

So again, those who have been outdoors exercising should keep it up.  Even if you’re feeling like your performance has been poor, the good news is that you will get accustomed to the heat – and faster than most.  For those of you who prefer the indoor workouts, we hope the promise of it becoming more bearable is encouraging.  Regardless, the AC and fans at Revolve look forward to cooling you off in class.