Angel’s Adventure to Guatemala

Personal trainer, indoor cycling instructor, professional triathlete – name it, she’s done it!

Angel has always connected with children (and adores her 8-year-old nephew); she previously coached youth triathletes for Achieve DC, youth hip hop dancers, and for Girls on the Run.


In her latest adventure, Angel’s traveling to Central America to teach and mentor children of rural Guatemala, and she’s thrilled about this opportunity. Before taking off, she answered a few of our questions about her trip.

Q: Why do you enjoy working with kids? What do you hope to teach them in Guatemala?

A: Kids are innocent, fun, little sponges. I enjoy working with them because I am able to communicate in a way that makes them feel both respected and loved. I’m also a kid at heart, so it’s the best of both worlds. One moment, I’m explaining how important it is to be kind to disabled people. In the next moment, I am swinging them on my shoulders pretending to be a helicopter. It’s awesome.

Q: What do you love about traveling?

A: I like being in unfamiliar situations. It builds character. Being uncomfortable is important. Getting lost in a foreign place, struggling with the language barrier, and feeling alone, all of those situations make you a better person – if you let them! Traveling expands your mind, your perspective, and your freedom. Traveling is the air I breathe.

I love Latin America, so Guatemala was an easy choice.  But I’m nervous about messing up my Spanish!

Q: What do you think you’ll miss most while you’re gone?

A: Security. I know the safer areas in my community thus, I feel comfortable taking an early morning or evening run. I will have to be more cautious in a foreign country. I will miss that freedom. Also, I will miss my 8-year-old nephew. He is the sunshine of my life. I even packed the shirt he wore the last time I saw him. That’s how much I’m going to miss him!

We’ll all miss Angel while she’s away, but she’ll be back soon with lots of stories to share with her Revolve Riders. Follow Revolve on Facebook where she’ll be posting updates from her trip.

Angel also recommends her riders listen to these songs to stay motivated while she’s away.  When you need some Angel in your life, turn these tracks up and get moving!

Best song for sprint intervals: “Let’s Go” – Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo

Best song for endurance: “Daft Punk is Playing at My House”  – LCD Soundsystem

Best song for time trial: “Otis”  – Kanye and Jay-Z

Best RIDE IT OUT AND MAKE ME SMILE song: “Don’t Wake Me Up” – Chris Brown

Don’t fall off your game while Angel’s gone. Reserve your rides now.

AmBADASSador Angel!

lululemon arrived bright and early this morning for Angel’s 6am class with a surprise announcement:

Angel is now lululemon athletica Clarendon’s NEWEST Ambassador!

Complete with a decorated sign and all, Angel was asked to be a lululemon Ambassador after class, her own reward for making it through her own grueling workout. She definitely deserves it because of her passion, dedication, and love for fitness and cycling.

Angel is on a path to discover what it takes to be a champion, which she already is in our hearts and minds. This never-ending quest to discover new ways to push herself as an athlete and instructor is what makes her the best of the best. She’s on a mission to find the workouts, foods, and people who can turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Care to join?

“This journey is an experiment. The results are unknown. I can’t promise you a victory but I can promise you heart.” ~Angel

It’s Not Tears, It’s Your Fat Cells Crying

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Make sure you’ve got a strong mental attitude for Perspire to Inspire, which Angel has described as her “hardest ride ever.” Coming from Angel, who knows what to expect. There may or may not be fireworks, explosions, and potentially melting off the bike into your own pool of sweat.

After Sandy (which I think in DC at least we’re ready to move on from), you may have some extra pent up energy from sitting inside for a few days, listless and waiting with bated breath for Revolve to open its doors back up (right?). THIS is the ride to let it ALL GO. Especially after a week with so many disruptions and added stresses to your daily routine, this is the ride to push yourself and feel inspired to discover energy and talent you never knew you had.

Angel has promised a playlist that will be the inspiration for this class to outride all classes. Sometimes we all hit a point where we just need a break, or a day off, a time to dedicate to ourselves and after this crazy week, this hour is it. Dig deep, crank it, don’t stop, don’t quit, push it, and find something you never even thought existed within you.


Maybe you’re having a spandex-infused roadblock picking out a costume for SpooktaculaRide. It’s tough to figure out something that qualifies as a costume but gives you the ability and comfort to sweat bullets (Angel and Francina are teaching this class so you will sweat). Need some inspiration? Well, Angel wore a sequin bikini top for our 4th of July rides so you could wear a bikini and call yourself Cycle Barbie. But if that’s a little too “Never Been Kissed” throwback for you here are a few ideas (we’re giving prizes for the best costumes!)…

-Wear regular cycle crops and sports bra and cut the neck of an old cotton T-shirt to wear offside 80s style. Your boyfriend won’t miss his old frat shirt anyway.

-Any sexy bunny, sexy nurse, sexy [insert occupation here] outfit will do over your regular spin gear! Most of them are made out of synthetic material it’s easy to sweat in.

-Guys: don a cape and call yourselves a Workout Warrior (shirts optional). If you wear a onesie you’re pretty much guaranteed a prize.

-Use this as an excuse to get those bright, crazy colored or patterned workout crops you’ve been eyeing, and call yourself Rainbow Brite.

-Tutus. Everyone loves tutus.

-Since this is DC and it is an election year, go political! Strap a binder to your back or ride with a bayonet.

There are some of our ideas and inspirations for you. Make sure you’ve got your spot reserved for the ride and have a great Halloween weekend, riders.


Mind Right Body Tight

“theSkimm is the daily newsletter that simplifies the headlines for the educated professional who knows enough to know she needs more. We do the reading for you and explain it with fresh editorial content, breaking down what you need to know to start the conversation.”

If you are a professional female in DC, you should read this daily newsletter! Go to now if you don’t receive it already in your inbox each morning.

But why is Revolve, a fitness studio, talking about this? Well, we know our riders are intelligent and passionate about staying fit, both mentally and physically. We partnered with the ladies who started theSkimm for our Mind Right Body Tight ride tomorrow at 10am! We’ll get your brains and bodies going in this 60-minute CBR with Angel.

The ladies who started theSkimm (DC natives and former producers for NBC News) will be in the studio riding as well as discussing the debate, current events, and staying informed while having family, work, life, friends, and fitness to worry about.

And to top it off, our favorites at South Block are providing political-themed smoothies to help fuel your brains and bodies after the ride!

Join theSkimm at Board Room Bar this evening as well at 8:15pm for their debate watching party. Get your smarts on tonight and your sweat on with us tomorrow!


Maillot Jaune Défi

Maillot Jaune Défi, a.k.a. Yellow Jersey Challenge, is the kind of ride you want to start your day!  In conjunction with the Tour de France kicking off, riders gathered at the bright and early hour of 6 am to battle it out for the coveted leader spot – which was decided upon by Angel. Yellow was the theme so of course we decorated with yellow streamers, leis, and what better way to determine who the leader is during the ride than with a torch? Yeah that’s right – a torch (disclaimer: there was no actual fire involved, merely the light a couple C batteries provided to this awesome accessory).

Angel gave riders all she had in her bag of freaking intense tricks: time trials, speed intervals, impossible hill climbs.  Digging deep and harnessing endurance was a must to be able to make it to 7 am! The ride presented opportunities to shine as a team and as individuals. Rows on left and right side of the room competed with all of their might during some tracks. Those riders showcasing the most impressive efforts for their team (rows) would be rewarded with yellow leis. Similarly, individual riders that were killing it received the honor of the light-up torch on their bike for a few minutes. No one has ever worked so hard for a plastic torch. Receipt of the lei or torch did not give riders a pass to back off. On the contrary, a lei or torch on your bike meant you would need to kick it even harder because all eyes were on you! Angel gave it her all while encouraging riders to do the same and to “rest another time of the day.”  The result? One heck of a satisfying, calorie torching workout.