Eat Clean with Dyan!

We’re all about sharing healthy habits and each other’s passions, especially as we head into the holiday season!  Read how Revolve NYC instructor, Dyan Tsiumis , has created a clean eating plan with Gingersnap’s Organics (GO) that supports her busy lifestyle and love for working out.


“I did my first 3 day GO cleanse and LOVED IT and made it through like a champion! Now 2 months after my first 3-day cleanse I have done a 4-day and a 5-day cleanse and periodically do a day or two here and there”.

Dyan starts eating clean on November 11th, she welcomes everyone to join!  The plan is crafted for people with an active lifestyle so there is NO STARVING. On day 1, you’ll start with a liquid day, to get you started on a good foot. Days 2 to 5 will include the “GO cleanse,” which is all gluten free, raw, and organic! A typical “GO Cleanse” day starts off with chia pudding for breakfast, a large salad for lunch and a dinner with side salad and pudding. Jamie (Gingersnap’s owner) has added another drink during with the 4 days to help us maintain our energy level to hit up Revolve!

Spirit junkie1

What does the GO Cleanse include?

1 day of liquids  and 4 days of  he GO cleanse with the drink changing daily on the GO cleanse (heat, GO green, GO kick, GO ginger lemonade).

Cost: $305 (Normally $320)

If you’re interested in eating clean with Dyan, you can sign up HERE. Be sure to sign up by Thursday, November 7! You can select additional items (at a per item cost) if you feel like you need a bit more sustenance.

To find out more about GO, check out Dyan’s Blog or tweet her @DYANgetfierce with any questions!

Rethink Nutrition with Liz Greenlaw

Kick off our Rethink Nutrition series by meeting Liz Greenlaw! She’s a loyal rider at Revolve, Certified Holistic Health Coach & Nutrition Consultant, and Founder of “Live Well with Liz“. With her love for Cycling and her extensive knowledge about nutrition, we’ve asked her to share the truth behind a happy and healthy lifestyle as well as some great food picks for fall!


I’ll admit it. I used to be one of those people who just exercised because I liked to eat a lot.

It’s not something I’m proud of, but it’s the truth. Cookies, brownies, and cake…whatever I could quickly get my hands on once I walked in the door after a hard workout was my motivation and reward.

Slowly but surely, the damaging effects of a poor diet caught up with me. I watched as my body began to reject some of my beloved comfort foods, leaving me tired, achy, and often unmotivated to hop off the couch and onto a bike. Even worse, I found myself anxious and frustrated in front of every plate of food, wondering if it whatever passed through my lips was going to help or hinder my athletic performance.

This personal experience led my former, self-proclaimed “free-for-all-food-eater” to evolve into the “now” Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Coach. As I studied to figure out which foods were the best for healing, recovery and performance, I discovered a whole world {of nutrition} I never knew existed…

Finding that I had the ability to make good choices that would keep me healthy, happy, energetic and strong in my training was empowering. Through trying a variety of dietary approaches, I’ve found the truths amidst the lies out there – truths I feel compelled to share with you – my fellow cyclists, runners and athletes alike. My goal is to help others let go of some old myths they’ve been holding on to and find that performing our best {both on and off the bike} is greatly connected to the foods we choose to fuel our bodies with!

So, what are the best “performance foods” for fall? I love this time of year because there are so many delicious options to pick from! But, I’ll start with a familiar one: the Apple.


Apples are the nutritional “underdogs,” since they often get passed over for the expensive, fad-diet “Superfoods.” But, did you know that apples have a particular compound in their skin called Quercetin, which has been linked to minimizing inflammation and scavenging unhealthy cells in the body? This same compound has also been shown to support athletic performance in cyclist and treadmill runners by enhancing the body’s output of energy!

Another fall favorite of mine is the Sweet Potato (…remember all those cookies, brownies and cake I mentioned earlier? Yeah, I definitely have a sweet tooth!)

sweet poto

Surprisingly, these ‘taters don’t raise your blood sugar like other, non-nutritious sweets do. Instead, they can actually help to stabilize your blood sugar and maintain your weight (thanks to the healthy dose of fiber in the outer skin!) Additionally, sweet potatoes are unique because they contain Anthocyanin, the orange-colored pigment which has been shown to reduce inflammation in nerve tissue throughout the body. And don’t forget about precious Vitamin A: Compared to regular white potatoes, the sweet ones are a great source of this vitamin, which is crucial to keeping our eyes, skin, immune system, and red blood cells healthy and functioning optimally.

Speaking of vitamins…I’ve saved the best for last! A great source of Vitamin C and B-6 is Spaghetti squash.


This is a large, yellow winter squash with flesh {aka the “insides”} that easily fluffs up into stringy, pasta-like threads once you put a fork to it. Though it’s a vegetable, it’s more filling than you might assume, plus it has a mild flavor, so it easily pairs with any type of sauce or dressing {hint: I like mine with olive oil and fresh herbs}.

But why’s it good for us? Well, Vitamin C plays a role in the growth and repair of body proteins, aids in wound healing, and supports the immune system. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps defend your body against harmful free radicals, too. And Vitamin B-6 is involved in over 100 enzyme reactions in your body, including energy metabolism. Spaghetti squash is also chock-full of Potassium. This mineral plays a part in building muscle, metabolizing carbohydrates and maintaining proper muscle function in your body. And since it also serves as an electrolyte, it helps to regulate fluid balance in our bodies {we desperately need this after those long, hard sweat sessions!}

What’s YOUR favorite fall food, and how do you like to enjoy it? Share below!

Instructor Reveal: Robin Arzon

We’re excited to introduce our latest addition to the Revolve family. Riders, meet Robin! She’s our lawyer turned ultramarathoner, fashionista and fitness apparel designing instructor and just about the sweetest person to ever come through our doors.


Every New Yorker has a story about how and why they ended up here. What’s yours?

NYC is my boyfriend. We’re in a long term relationship. I moved here to attend NYU back when Bungalow 8 was still a thing, and then moved back after law school. Grandmaster Flash said it best, “New York, New York Big City of Dreams. Everything in New York ain’t always what it seems.”


NYC has so many different specialized workouts. What drew you to indoor cycling and how has that affected your ultramarathon-ing?

Indoor cycling is the perfect cross training. The added bonus of tapping into a powerful zone on the bike is a plus. I rode outside to get from A to B, but I didn’t understand the power of indoor cycling until I started taking classes at Equinox. Jay Blahnik, someone I really admire in health and wellness, showed me what’s possible in a cycling class. The marriage of sweat, music, and endorphins was truly a spiritual experience for me. It inspired me to live a life high on sweat.

Most surprising thing on your Bucket List?

Running across the country is on my “To Do” list. And I fully plan to have Beyonce in class one day. You hear that, Bey?

What inspired you to design your own fitness apparel line? Will we be seeing some pieces as Revolve apparel?

“Sweat with swagger” is my mantra. Look good, work hard, and never sacrifice style for function. Spandex is my business casual. I live boldly, and I wanted to create a line that reflects that. It launches this fall and I can’t wait to share it with the Revolve family. Revolve bleeds authenticity, and so do I. We’re the perfect fit.


Any tips for people who want to leave their corporate jobs and follow their dreams?

Your life is your message and you have the power to create yourself. I believe when you’re pursuing your passions, the universe has a funny way of giving you what you need. A few tips about career changes:

  • Think about what makes you truly happy and do more of that.
  • There will never be the “perfect” moment. Act now.
  • Do an honest assessment of your dreams & your skill sets. This will help take calculated risks.
  • Dream big; hustle hard. Remember: you are 1 of 1.

Be sure to stop by and sweat with Robin this Saturday, October 26 at 1:45PM for her FREE Instructor Reveal Ride! Be on the look out for Robin’s name on the schedule. We’re thrilled to have her be a part of our family!

The 411 on Theme Ride Fridays!

Revolve DC launched Theme Ride Fridays!, a special offering and promise of a different and exciting theme ride every Friday night at 6:30PM. So far, the rides have been a success!


Post-Cycle Broadway Ride with NYC Instructor, Jonathan, and DC Instructor, Stephanie


Post-90s Hip Hop Ride with Angel this past Friday!

Dorothy kicked off September with ” Go, FIght, Win!” Anthems Ride, Followed by “Cycle Broadway” with Stephanie and NYC Instructor, Jonathan, “NYC Remix Ride” with Christianne, and “Movie Magic” with Becky!

Theme Ride Fridays! is a way for us to expand the typical Friday night options for our Riders. “They bring a fresh perspective and energizing start to the weekend. When I’m riding at Revolve on a Friday night, I think of it as less of a workout and more of a gearing up for the night ahead!” says Revolve Brand Ambassador, Heather Mumaw. Mattie Duppler, another Brand Ambassador, says, “I think most people would agree that friday afternoons are a hard time to stay motivated to do ANYTHING, but having a workout to look forward to that is going to shake up your usual routine is just the thing to keep you going!” Instead of the typical dinner and drinks, Theme Ride Fridays! is the perfect combination of fun and healthy.

Don’t miss out on the last two Theme Ride Fridays! in October:

Can’t make it? Don’t worry, Theme Ride Fridays! will continue through the end of November, setting you up for a healthy lifestyle into the holiday season.  Be sure to check out our schedule for upcoming Theme Ride Fridays!

New Yorkers, don’t think we forgot about you. If you want Theme Ride Fridays!, tweet us @RevolveNYC with your theme ride suggestions!

NYC got STOKED at Kira’s 2nd Cross-Cycle Challenge

Revolve Master Instructor, Kira Stokes, led Riders through another intense Cross-Cycle Challenge this weekend. Check out our coverage of her signature bootcamp and RIP Ride combo.




Bummed you missed out on this Cross-Cycle Challenge? Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 19 – Kira is leading another Cross-Cycle Challenge! Registration will open Thursday, October 10 at 10AM. Remember, as much as we love to cycle, it’s equally important to cross-train!

Clarendon Day 2013

Check out our coverage at the 16th annual Clarendon Day this past Saturday! Clarendon Day is a street fair highlighting local businesses and showing off all the Arlington community has to offer. Revolve DC took full advantage of it and wheeled our studio outdoors to show off our stuff to the community!

Here’s some of the excitement from the weekend:

2013-09-28 15.07.51

2013-09-28 15.07.21

2013-09-28 15.07.00

2013-09-28 14.48.04-1

2013-09-28 13.45.05

2013-09-28 13.41.35

2013-09-28 13.19.44

2013-09-28 13.02.44

2013-09-28 13.02.03

2013-09-28 13.01.50

2013-09-28 12.38.21

2013-09-28 12.21.03-1

2013-09-28 12.14.19

2013-09-28 12.05.00-1

2013-09-28 12.03.07

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and to those who rode with us! A BIG thank you to the staff and volunteers for your hard work. And, we of course cannot forget DJ Wizdom for his beats and our instructors for sharing their talent with the world. Without our awesome Revolve community, sharing with the larger community would not be possible.

Revolve Sounds: The Soundtrack to Your Life Part 2

With our Spotify launch earlier this summer, Revolve Sounds has taken off with almost 500 followers. Curated solely by Revolve’s music gurus, Christianne Phillips, Angel Stone and our resident DJ, DJ Friendly Greg, our fall playlists have upped the ante. Check them out!


  • Revolve 2013: Fall Edition: The sequel to our Summer Edition, kick off fall with the freshest tunes of the season.
  • Rethink On The Go: Plane, train, automobile – however you commute, check out our On the Go tunes to get you there calm, collected and in no time at all.
  • Revive with 90s Hip Hop: Don’t we all wish we could go back to the golden era of 90s Hip Hop and kick it with Notorious BIG, the Beastie Boys and countless other trailblazing artists? Now you can!
  • Reshape and Remix: Expertly remixed by some of the hottest DJs of 2013, these beauties will give you that extra little boost to get your adrenaline going, hips shaking and blood pumping no matter where you are!

What’s your favorite Fall Edition playlist? Tell us in the comments below or share it with us on Facebook and Twitter: @RevolveDC or @RevolveNYC.

Bike Commuting: How To Look Hot and Stay Cool

Revolve NYC’s fearless Studio Manager, Jess, is a beast on the bike indoors, but she also loves to ride her bike outdoors! Whether she’s commuting or on a leisure ride through the city, Jess knows how to ride in style. Read on to find out what Jess’ must-haves are for her bike commute.


  1. Revolve’s Splits59 Devon Tank: “The perfect tank for looking hot and staying cool on the bike, AND I get to rep the #revolvelove!”
  2. lululemon Flow Y Bra IV: “I like to throw in a pop of color and love that the open back shows off this bright, fun bra.”
  3. lululemon Run Reflect Crops in Spring Has Sprung: “The reflective panels on these crops keep me safe and the floral print keeps it fun!”
  4. Nikes: “I need a comfortable and safe yet stylish shoe to get me to and from the studio.”
  5. Helmet: “A definite must for commuting AND for fun rides. It’s worth the helmet hair!”
  6. Bike: “I love my ride! It doesn’t hurt that it’s a Revolve color. :)”


Jess would love to find some great bike trails near the city so that she could ride more for pleasure and not just for commuting. Have any favorite trails? Share them and your bike commute essentials in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter!

Revolve Sounds: The Soundtrack for Your Life

We hear it almost every day: Riders love the music our instructors play during Revolve’s indoor cycling classes.  We totally agree – music can be the secret ingredient for an epic workout.  The right beats let you lose yourself to the work at hand and give you the extra push you need to get to the top of that hill.

That’s exactly why Revolve’s instructors, led by former DJ Christianne Phillips with the help of our in-house DJ Friendly Greg, set out to create Revolve Sounds, music that goes beyond the studio.  With the help of our all-star instructors from both DC and New York, Christianne has curated four playlists we know will become the soundtrack of your summer.  She’s taken her passion for music way beyond the studio to DJ your workday, quiet mornings and summer runs. Check it out…


All four playlists are on available on Revolve’s Spotify Channel: Revolve Sounds.  Make sure to follow us to get updates on new music!

  • Revolve 2013: Summer Edition: These tracks will be most similar to music you’d hear at a Revolve class in the summer, a collection of favorites from our instructors.

  • Revolve Run: Music for running is different from cycling music.  This playlist gets runners through a challenging but calming 45-minute run, complete with warm-up and cool-down music.

  • Revive: Sunday Mornings: A well-balanced life is essential and includes moments to chill out and ease into a peaceful state of mind.  This playlist will set an ethereal vibe for a lazy Sunday morning or late night dinner for two.

  • Rethink Office: Many Revolve Riders work 9-5 jobs, so Revolve’s giving them a playlist to get them through the workday focused and energized.  This playlist will inspire and motivate listeners, but remain in


Introducing Revolve’s “Ruff-est” Riders

As a belated tribute to National Dog Party Day, we want to introduce you to our most lovable and loyal furry friends. These pups woof Revolve so much, and they’re our “ruff-est” Riders. We’re so lucky we can celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day every day!

imageDiesel the Yorkiepoo likes to go on his regular “Clarendon Treat Crawl” to get doggy treats from all his favorite stores. He also loves to smile and chase squirrels.

Cass and Henry_bedsCass and Henry are Beagles who love to eat, chase each other around, cuddle, and “aroo” (that famous beagle bark!)

photoYou’ll find Dallas the Yellow Lab either eating, sniffing, playing at the dog park, or snuggling. Look at those eyes – who wouldn’t want to snuggle with him?

DSC00795_3Dakota the Bernese Mountain Dog likes to get fierce with Auntie Dyan and her daddies, who just got married. Congratulations, Dakota’s daddies!

IMG_5397Meet Ruxin the miniature Dachsund. His favorite activity is eating grass because he thinks he’s a cow. Moooooo!

20130507_143330Peso the Chihuahua likes to run in the sun in Central Park.

lily 1Finally, Lily the Maltipoo enjoys running around the city, either on the bike or in her tote, especially when it involves shopping with Mom.