REVIVE Recipe: Rubbed Skirt Steak from Tortaria’s Chef Danny Lachs

Located just steps away from Revolve NYC, Tortaria offers freshly made tortas, guacamole, and margaritas – who wouldn’t want to refuel there after an indoor cycling class? We asked Chef Danny Lachs, a partner at Tortaria and former competitor on the Food Network’s Chopped, for a healthy Mexican recipe…and boy did he deliver. Enjoy, Riders!

Chipotle Rubbed Skirt Steak with Sweet Potato, Corn and Guacamole
Serves 2
1 lb Skirt Steak
1/4 c chipotle in adobo
2 tbsp fresh lime juice
Pinch of salt

1 sweet potato, cut into wedges
1 ear corn, cut in half
1/4 c olive oil
Pinch of salt

1 avocado
1/4 c tomatillos
1/4 c white onion
1 lime

In a bowl mix together chipotle, lime juice, and salt and rub on steak. Allow steak to marinate for 30 minutes at a minimum or overnight if you wish.

Heat grill pan to medium high heat. Rub sweet potatoes and corn with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Place sweet potato wedges and corn into grill pan and allow cook for 4-5 minutes before flipping. Remove from grill pan and place on the side to rest. Place steak on grill pan and allow to cook for 3 minutes on each side, allowing for nice grill marks. Remove from pan and allow to rest.

While the steak is resting, cut avocado in half and scoop out flesh into a mixing bowl. Mix in diced tomatillo and diced onion along with a pinch of salt and the juice of one lime and mix well.

Place a scoop of avocado mix in center of plate, slice the steak on a bias and lean against the avocado mixture.

Place potato wedges and corn directly behind on the plate. If you’re really hungry, don’t waste your time making it pretty and dive right in!

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REVIVE Recipe: Goûter’s Overnight Vanilla Oats

DC-based raw vegan company, GOÛTER, has taken over the healthy living/foodie scene one unique tonic at a time. Their mission? To make snacking as healthy, unprocessed, energizing and EASY!

Goûter’s dynamic duo, Steve Mekowski and V Orban, often hear complaints that eating healthy takes too much time. Here’s one of their go-to recipes for breakfast (it’s also great as a snack!) that proves eating healthy can be quick AND easy.


Not only is this recipe for Overnight Vanilla Oats quick and easy, but it’s full of nutrients you’ll need throughout the day.

Chia seeds contain fiber, protein, calcium and omega-3s. The oats give you protein and fiber, and they help reduce hunger cravings.



  • 1 bottle GOÛTER Nourish Melk (our signature dairy-free melk made with hemp seeds and dates) – one bottle has about 12 grams of complete protein and is full of omega-3s and 6s
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • Optional: add a pinch of vanilla bean or cinnamon
  • Seasonal fruit to top off
Grab your jar or container and put all the above ingredients (except for the fruit) inside. Whisk briskly for a few minutes then let sit a few minutes. Stir again. Repeat several times so that the chia seeds and oats don’t stick together. Put the lid on and refrigerate overnight.
In the morning or for a snack to bring to work, open up your jar, grab a spoon, taste and give yourself a pat on the back…SUCCESS!  Don’t forget to add some seasonal fruit to top it off.
Make this recipe in the evening (it should take you about 5 minutes to put all the ingredients together in a jar) and when you wake up the next morning…VOILA!


For more ways to “goûter” your way to a raw vegan life, follow V and Steve on Twitter and Instagram. Arlington Riders can find their tonics at South Block Cafe and Lava Barre.

REVIVE Your Smoothie with These 7 Ingredients

Smoothies are one of our favorite go-to options for on-the go and post-workout meals. They’re delicious and quick to make, but it’s also easy to get into a rut with the same smoothie recipe every time. Tired of your standard frozen fruit and milk-of-your-choice smoothies? We’ve highlighted seven super ingredients that will revive your smoothies from boring to BOOSTING.


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  1. Chia seeds

    How it REVIVES: Yes, chia as in “ch-ch-ch-chia pet”. When added to liquid, chia seeds become gelatinous in texture. These tiny seeds aren’t just good for growing fun houseplants; they’re high in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, protein and fiber.

  2. Flaxseed

    How it REVIVES: Flaxseed is another good source of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, and gives smoothies a nutty flavor and texture. Ground flaxseed meal is the easiest to find in your local grocery store – just 1-2 tbsp of ground flaxseed meal gives you the recommended daily dosage.

  3. Almond butter

    How it REVIVES: Revolve NYC instructor Dyan Tsiumis loves putting almond butter in her smoothie. A good alternative to peanut butter, this ingredient provides a big dose of flavor and healthy fat to give your smoothie more staying power. We like Whole Foods freshly ground raw, unsalted almond butter.

  4. Kombucha

    How it REVIVES: This gut-healthy fermented tea contains probiotics, alkalizes your body’s pH levels, and detoxifies the liver. Try adding 1-1.5 cups to your smoothie instead of water or your choice of milk.

  5. Eggs

    How it REVIVES: No need to scramble, fry, poach or boil – raw eggs can be a valuable addition of protein and fat. Revolve DC instructor Grant Hill likes to add two organic raw eggs to his grass-fed whey protein and banana smoothie after intense workouts – “tastes like banana pudding!”

  6. Silken Tofu

    How it REVIVES: A good vegan and protein powder alternative, tofu gives your smoothie that extra protein boost. Make sure to use silken tofu for the best silky smooth, creamy texture.

  7. Green Produce

    How it REVIVES: Think spinach, kale, and even avocado. Throwing some greens into your smoothie is one of the easiest ways to get one of your recommended five to nine servings of vegetables a day. Baby spinach is hardly noticed flavor-wise, while kale can result in a more earthy, kale taste. Adding 1/2 an avocado thickens texture and the healthy fat will keep your hunger at bay.

What ingredients revive your smoothies? Share your tips in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter!

REVIVE Recipe: DIY Sports Drink


In our first installment of our new series, Revive Recipes, we’re going to make things really easy for you.  Revolve DC Instructor, Grant Hill’s recipe for a homemade orange-based sports drink is simple, healthy, tasty and environmentally friendly!


A glass of this gives you water, electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium and more), and enough sugar/carbohydrate for an energy kick without the huge insulin response you’d regret in the middle of your Revolve ride.  The best part is what the recipe doesn’t contain: food coloring, loads of added sugar, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup.


  • Start with a glass of filtered water filled about 3/4 of the way
  • Add a quarter cup of orange juice (or juice of one orange)
  • Add a pinch of sea salt
  • Mix it all up!  The salt should dissolve in a couple minutes
  • Lemon juice (optional variation for orange haters)

Too simple not to try, right?  Bring some to your next indoor cycling class at Revolve… and thank Grant if you’re in DC!  #dontstopdontquit

Check out Grant’s Revolve Classes

Share your tips for healthy sports drinks in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter!

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Slender Sangria, Thin Tequila, and More

Sadly, most alcoholic beverages are not waistline friendly. A lot of those fruity drinks we love oh so much in the summer months with spears of fruit or umbrellas stuck into them come in around 400-1,000 calories a pop. Even classes with our instructors aren’t going to allow you to drink those bad boys freely. Don’t fret because there are ways around these calorie bombs. We’ve got a number of ready-to-serve cocktails for you to consider as you think about your next trip to grab some adult beverages… AFTER class. Enjoy!Here are some suggestions whether you are a rum, tequila, vodka, wine, or sangria sorta summer drinker…


o    Skinnygirl ready-to-serve cocktails like the Pina Colada which combines rum, coconut, vanilla, and pineapple (90 calories/4 oz.). 
o    Like your rum, but prefer more of minty flavor? Perhaps a Bacardi Light Mojito is for you then.  It has the great minty-ness but is made with pure cane sugar. No fake sugar in this drank (90 calories/4oz.)!


o    Skinnygirl offers a classic marg as well as a white peach flavor made with premium Silver Tequila and sweetened with agave nectars (under 100 cal/4 oz.).
o    Jose Cuervo Authentic Wild Berry Light Margarita hits your mouth with a shot of tequila and strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries as well as a little dash of tartness from lime in each class (95 calories/4 oz.).


o    Skinnygirl offers a lovely White Cranberry Cosmo cocktail (under 100 cal/ 4 oz.).
o    Another favorite comes from Skinnytaste. The watermelon martini mmmm. A bit more work than some of these ready-to-make ones, but worth mentioning. Do yourself a favor and make this for a day by the pool my friends (90 calories/6 oz + ¼ cup watermelon).
o    Like your mojitos with vodka instead? VNC Cocktails offers that same mint and lime juice flavor just against a vodka not rum base.  There are no preservatives either.  Check out their other ready-to-serve cocktails as they have quite the spread to please any palette (110 calories/ 3.4 oz.)! 


o    Eppa SupraFruta Red Sangria is fantastic with flavors like pomegranate, blueberry, blood orange, and acai juices!  This kind packs serious antioxidants too- 2x that of a glass of red wine in fact (120 calories/ 5 oz.).
o    Skinnygirl offers a few wines (California Red, Rose, and White) as well as a ready-to-serve sangria cocktail worth checking out too (under 100 calories/ 4 oz.). 
o    Your best bets for lower calorie wines in general as they so kindly don’t give you the nutrition facts: White Zinfandel, Chablis, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnays. They tend to come in at about 100 calories/5 oz serving.

Hope you’ll enjoy some of these more forgiving libations. What are your favorite light cocktails, riders? Post them to Facebook!