7 Reasons to Workout with a Friend


You know why exercise is important, but do you know why it’s better to get your sweat on with friends? Check out seven reasons why working out with a buddy (or buddies!) is one of our favorite ways to rock the #revivalofthefittest.

  1. You train harder and longer

    We all get by with a little help from our friends. So why not workout together? A recent study shows that exercising with a friend helps you train harder, longer, and more regularly than exercising alone.

  2. Friendly competition does a body good

    A little friendly competition doesn’t hurt; in fact, working out with someone at a slightly higher fitness level can encourage you to work harder and constantly give yourself that extra push.

  3. Their success becomes your success

    Your workout buddy’s fitness accomplishments can also encourage you to achieve the same goals. Seeing someone you relate to achieve, and watching the process that gets them there makes it feel more possible for yourself.

  4. Limit the pain, get the high

    Working out releases endorphins, which intensifies when you work out with others. Research indicates that exercising with a friend elicits a “natural high”, making your workout seem easier and less painful. Bonding over burpees never sounded so good!

  5. Experiment with new workouts

    It’s easy to get stuck on auto-pilot when you workout alone because it can be intimidating to try something new. So set a date to try out a new class and invite a friend. Going with a friend makes the experience less scary, more comfortable and more fun.

  6. The workout you won’t cancel

    Once you set a workout date with a friend, it’s more difficult to cancel – who wants to be the flaky friend? Committing to exercise with a friend makes you more socially accountable to your health. Making a habit of hitting the gym together regularly eliminates the question “Should I or shouldn’t I work out today?”, which is where most people fail.

  7. Rituals and rewards

    Research suggests you’re more likely to adopt healthy habits if your friends are, too; you’re also more likely to make healthy choices if you build ritual and rewards around them. Make a habit out of weekend workouts and brunch and it could be the perfect ritual to enjoy with your friends.

Need more reasons to workout with friends? Bring a Friend or Tell a Friend from now through April 28 to earn Revolve Rider Rewards! Details below:


Anatomy of the Ride: RIP Ride

Addicted to Revolve’s RIP Ride, or curious to try it?  It’s one or the other, trust us.  The ride was co-created by Christianne Phillips and Kira Stokes.  Kira gave us the inside scoop on the RIP Ride in our new blog series, Anatomy of the Ride.

Christianne Phillips, Senior Master Instructor         Kira Stokes, Master Instructor

RIP Ride Co-creators: Christianne Phillips (Senior Master Instructor) and Kira Stokes (Master Instructor)

Q: People are used to a mix of hills, intervals and sprints in class, but the RIP Ride focuses on intervals.  Why is that?

KS: The RIP Ride stands for “Resistance, Interval, Performance”, so it’s obvious from the name you are going to experience a unique form of interval training.  We wanted to make sure Revolvers would get the most out of the 60-minute class.  Interval training is proven to be one of the most effective ways to burn fat and improve speed, endurance and strength.

Q: What was the Rip Ride designed to do for riders?  How is it different from other indoor cycling classes?

KS: The RIP Ride combines cycling and upper-body strength work in a way that encourages body awareness, fatigues the body and keeps the integrity of the “form focused” studio Revolve is determined to be. Unique to the RIP Ride are two upper-body weight segments. Each segment is comprised of three exercises done three times through, circuit style.  We work in terms of progression each time through, adding slight variations to keep it fresh. The upper-body work begins and ends with upper-body back work to reset posture.

Riders admit they work harder during the cycling portions as opposed to a straight cycle class because they know there’s a short “active recovery” during the weight sections.

Q: Upper body is an integral part of the RIP ride and emphasizes posture.  What results should riders expect, and how can we get the most out of it?

KS: The upper-body work during the RIP Ride is no joke, no gimmicks, just work.  The weight segments are designed to reset posture after being forward on the bike, give riders a full-body workout, and create strong, lean upper bodies.

We recommend riders stop their legs during upper-body work to prioritize safety and body awareness.  Stopping the legs allows riders to focus 100% in order to work effectively and fatigue properly.

Q: What should we eat before and after a RIP Ride to get the most out of it?

KS: You never want to eat something too heavy pre-RIP Ride. Fruit, such as an apple, is a good choice. It provides a bit of sugar (natural energy) and hydrates at the same time. Throw in a handful of almonds for a little protein and you’re good to go!

Post-RIP Ride I love downing a protein shake with plant based protein powder with frozen fruit, water and ice (perhaps a little almond milk). This provides protein to rebuild fatigued muscles.

Ready for a RIP Ride? Reserve your bike now.

Photos: by Rachel Neville, (c) Revolve

Revolve: Featured in a Commercial Near You!

You know you’ve made it when you have your very own commercial, right?  We hope that’s true, because we’ve just released ours!  Check it out below, share it with your friends and tell us what you think.  You can catch it on NY1 through April, but we’ll also be playing it on the large screen TV in the studio.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztneqHqyGfs]


Maybe you’re having a spandex-infused roadblock picking out a costume for SpooktaculaRide. It’s tough to figure out something that qualifies as a costume but gives you the ability and comfort to sweat bullets (Angel and Francina are teaching this class so you will sweat). Need some inspiration? Well, Angel wore a sequin bikini top for our 4th of July rides so you could wear a bikini and call yourself Cycle Barbie. But if that’s a little too “Never Been Kissed” throwback for you here are a few ideas (we’re giving prizes for the best costumes!)…

-Wear regular cycle crops and sports bra and cut the neck of an old cotton T-shirt to wear offside 80s style. Your boyfriend won’t miss his old frat shirt anyway.

-Any sexy bunny, sexy nurse, sexy [insert occupation here] outfit will do over your regular spin gear! Most of them are made out of synthetic material it’s easy to sweat in.

-Guys: don a cape and call yourselves a Workout Warrior (shirts optional). If you wear a onesie you’re pretty much guaranteed a prize.

-Use this as an excuse to get those bright, crazy colored or patterned workout crops you’ve been eyeing, and call yourself Rainbow Brite.

-Tutus. Everyone loves tutus.

-Since this is DC and it is an election year, go political! Strap a binder to your back or ride with a bayonet.

There are some of our ideas and inspirations for you. Make sure you’ve got your spot reserved for the ride and have a great Halloween weekend, riders.


Mind Right Body Tight

“theSkimm is the daily newsletter that simplifies the headlines for the educated professional who knows enough to know she needs more. We do the reading for you and explain it with fresh editorial content, breaking down what you need to know to start the conversation.”

If you are a professional female in DC, you should read this daily newsletter! Go to www.theskimm.com now if you don’t receive it already in your inbox each morning.

But why is Revolve, a fitness studio, talking about this? Well, we know our riders are intelligent and passionate about staying fit, both mentally and physically. We partnered with the ladies who started theSkimm for our Mind Right Body Tight ride tomorrow at 10am! We’ll get your brains and bodies going in this 60-minute CBR with Angel.

The ladies who started theSkimm (DC natives and former producers for NBC News) will be in the studio riding as well as discussing the debate, current events, and staying informed while having family, work, life, friends, and fitness to worry about.

And to top it off, our favorites at South Block are providing political-themed smoothies to help fuel your brains and bodies after the ride!

Join theSkimm at Board Room Bar this evening as well at 8:15pm for their debate watching party. Get your smarts on tonight and your sweat on with us tomorrow!


Become a (bad ass) cycling instructor with Revolve + Schwinn!

Rachel Buschert is certified in almost everything, featured in tons of fitness DVD’s, teaches classes all over NYC, competes, and is working on her Master’s. That’s a bad ass, and this bad ass is coming to Revolve to teach all of YOU how to BE a bad ass.

Rachel is a Master Trainer with Schwinn Training and she’s coming to Revolve on Sunday to teach a certification course for us! If you love indoor cycling and think you’ve got the energy to motivate a room full of people you need to sign up for this class. And we mean, like, REALLY energetic (you’ve all seen what Francina is like at 6 am).

What to expect? You’ll be at the studio all day with the entire Revolve crew! All of our instructors will be there right alongside you as Rachel gives you the tools and tips you need. Rachel will draw from her background in yoga, pilates, kettle bells, racing, and of course cycling, giving you an incredible wealth of fitness knowledge to begin you on your path as a cycling instructor.

Sign up here: http://www.stairmaster.com/registration/schwinn-indoor-cycling-instructor-certification-program-225.html?continent=north-america&country=usa&state=virginia

Learn more about Rachel on her website: http://rachelvfitness.com/Welcome.html


The Joy of Cycling

All those spinning classes you do are great for all those butt and leg people in your life (unfortunately not as much on the achem other parts of the body achem).  And as for numero uno, isn’t it more fun to see a tight touche and leg physique as you get ready each day whether you’re a chick or a dude?  Your rides at Revolve aren’t just carving detail in those quads and lifting/tightening those hot booties though. 

So what else are you taking away from spinning?  Well, it is truly the gift that just keeps on giving.  You put in the work for 45 minutes to an hour- and VOILA- you are physically, mentally, and emotionally WINNING!  Physical benefits are abundant.  As you likely know, besides toning lower body muscles, it’s a low impact (your knees and feet thank you very much!), high intensity way to send fat a packin’.  It doesn’t end there.  You snooze better, strengthen your heart/lungs, and have higher energy levels from your rides at Revolve!  And did you know that yoga is not your only ticket to satisfying the mind?  Keep on doing those Sun Salutations and Warrior I’s, but know that centering yourself via other workouts is also possible.  Stress reduction, anxiety relief, and improved confidence in your appearance are mental and emotional benefits you can expect. 

We hope your skinny jeans (literally and figuratively for the ladies and figuratively for the gents) are ready for you this fall/winter because they will be the only kind that your sexy backside and legs will be willing to hang with.  Oh and sorry we’re NOT sorry for all that awesome restful sleep and lack of stress you’ll be experiencing with your regiment of spin either!  Be sure to thank yourself, bike, and friendly neighborhood Revolve staff the next time you’re admiring those fantastic glutes in the mirror.