12 Days of Revolve Success: Annie Lyons Knapp

More Revolve Success! What are YOUR 2014 goals? Check out this story from DC Rider, Annie Lyons Knapp!

Not only did Revolve kick my rear into wedding-dress shape, but it also helped me and my husband scale the Grand Piton in St Lucia on our honeymoon!  It was one ‘heckofa’ hike. Both my husband and I were on the verge of quitting when I suddenly thought of Dorothy, leaning over her bike saying “Your mind gives out before your legs do!”  I repeated this manta to my husband and when we reached the top of the mountain, well, the view and the memories were worth it!!

 Congratulations on your success, Annie! We wish you more in 2014! 


12 Days of Revolve Success: Vera Kuipers

Continuing our 12 Days of Revolve Success! We hope it gives YOU your 2014 inspiration! Check out this story from NYC Rider, Vera Kuipers! 

Revolve became an important and integral part of my training as a distance runner and a big motivator towards my cycling goals.  Initially, I was afraid the extra cycling would hurt my running, but I loved it so much. I decided to add on the classes and I felt surprisingly strong in road races! I had some unexpected Personal Records (PRs) and had a great first sprint triathlon experience.

My body feels more balanced, defined, and less injury-prone. Revolve revived my workout routine in a very positive way.

From Revolve, and Kristin Kenney, I learned proper form and technique, but also that I’m stronger than I thought. Kristin’s inspiring mantras and affirmative comments help me to stay honest, strong, and helped improve my resilience.

In addition, I met some great people within the Revolve community and made new friends. It’s such a joy to enter Revolve and work out with them in an inspiring environment full of amazing people!

 We wish you continued success, Vera! Thanks for riding!

12 Days of Revolve Success: Kristen Rhode

Over the next two weeks we will be sharing some of the stories of our amazing riders and their success from 2013. We hope you get your ‘inspiration on’ for 2014! Here’s to the New Year and the continued #RevivaloftheFittest!

Here is what DC Rider, Kristen Rhode, had to share:

As a former marathon runner, it has been very hard to accept that as I get older, perhaps my body isn’t into my 12+ mile runs anymore.  It’s not to say that I still don’t love a good butt-kicking long run- but with a full-time job and planning a wedding; I no longer schedule my weekends around pounding the pavement for hours at a time. I still get my half-marathons in about twice a year, but I was looking for that “something else” and I certainly found it at Revolve. 

As a former college athlete (lightweight crew and lacrosse, D1 Patriot League), I was craving a more “tuned in” place to work out, with real motivators that reminded me of my past coaches.  Well, I started coming to Revolve. I have met the nicest people who really and truly want to WORK.  I have been pushed outside of my comfort zone once again by the incredible instructors. I look forward to coming to class, the set-up, the music and the overall energy of the room when class begins. 

Within the first month at Revolve, I have lost about an inch and a half and my arms are getting back in shape. It centers me. I love myself for taking better care of myself.  Revolve helps me take care of myself – mentally, physically and spiritually – it is really the best medicine.

Kristin Rhode

Featured Revolve Riders: The Lindegren Ladies

The Lindegren sisters (Samantha, Rebecca and Jessica) grew up playing three seasons of contact sports, and their mom, Mariah, kicked her daughter’s butts from time to time. Now that the girls are older, they’ve all committed to spending more time together to feel great, fit, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Their solution? Attending Kira’s RIP Ride every Tuesday and Thursday night for the last three months. Their high energy has been so infectious that they’ve started a high five-ing trend at the end of each RIP Ride. Read about how Revolve has brought these strong, athletic women even closer.


Samantha (left), Mariah (middle), and Rebecca (right) after Kira’s RIP Ride

1. How did Revolve classes become a family affair?

My sister’s friend, April McHugh, cycles at Revolve, and she gets the credit for introducing us. We’ve been riding for about three months and it’s already a family affair! We’ll visit each other and ride together at either Revolve DC or Revolve NYC.

2. Who is the motivator in the group? How does Revolve help you bond?

We all motivate each other. My sisters and I are very close in age so we grew up doing everything together and still try to do so to this day. We organize weekend trips away whether it’s skiing or somewhere relaxing. The four of us are all in a group chat on our phones and are always texting/asking advice for workouts, how-to’s, etc.

Riding at Revolve is another way for us to be together. Since exercise is a huge part of our lives, we accomplish two things – spend time together and exhaust ourselves with a great workout.  We usually have dinner together after class.

3. Did you all work out together before Revolve? What made you start indoor cycling?

My sisters and I have been skiing since we were two years old, so “working out” started at a very young age. Now the four of us work out regularly; my mom and Jesse run road races together, and we all love cycling.

We visit Chatham on Cape Cod often since Mom is from there, and  we’ll usually jump on the bike path for the day. It’s a beautiful ride and so much fun. One time, I tied a rope to Rebecca’s bike and she pulled me for 30 miles on my rollerblades! The looks we got were hysterical.

Indoor cycling together is fun and challenging. I was getting bored of my usual routine (running or rollerblading) so indoor cycling got me excited again.

4. What is it about Revolve that keeps you coming back?

Kira and the friendly staff at Revolve! Also, the post-ride exhaustion, which I compare to how I feel after yoga, which is weird because they are completely different workouts. My muscles feel equally as great after both!


30 Days of Unlimited Indoor Cycling Classes (…and why I can’t stop talking about Revolve)

There’s something magical about every Rider’s first Revolve experience. Do you remember when you got hooked? NYC Rider Megan Conley shared her story with us in today’s guest blog. We’re so happy to have Megan spreading the #RevolveLove!

I thought it’d make sense to start this blog post by summarizing my first indoor cycling class three years ago in 14 words: it was painful, and I left with no desire to ever take another class.

The soreness in my legs left me defeated and uninspired, so I really had to push myself to get back on an indoor cycling bike.

After convincing myself indoor cycling was a worthwhile workout (and realizing how to properly sit on a bike and master the different positions!), I’ve spent the last couple years experimenting with different studios from classes at NYSC, to bikes that rotate with your body movement (RUSH Cycling) to underwater cycling, which I came across after being influenced by the Queen Bey herself (AQUA Spin!)

I can honestly say one of my favorite studios to date has been Revolve NYC, so I got in touch with them to write this guest blog post as a love letter to them!

My experience with Revolve began after I found the 14th street studio on a Classtivity pack I’d purchased. After attending my first class, I was inspired to sign up for the Intro Month Package, which includes 30 days of unlimited rides. If the immediate 30 day class pack purchase isn’t enough to convince you this studio’s amazing, then here’s a little more insight into why I love Revolve:


THE INSTRUCTORS & COMMUNITY VIBE WITHIN THE CLASSES: My favorite class of the 30 days was on this past NY Pride Day, where the studio transformed into a full out party for their Pride Ride (the photo below shows a quick glimpse of how much fun we all had!)

Pride Ride

THE 60 MINUTE RIP RIDE: Weights + Enthusiastic Instructors + 60 Minutes of Pushing Yourself  + Motivating Music = my favorite type of ride!

Speaking of motivating music…

THE MUSIC: All the instructors’ music kept me riding through the duration of each class (and as an added bonus, some of their music’s on Spotify so you have the option of listening to #RevolveSounds off the bike as well!)

I’ve recommended Revolve to co-workers, friends, and family (I even took my little sister with me to a class when she was visiting NYC & used the BFF code.  Here’s us after we took the 6am class!)

Meg and sister

Hopefully the above’s enough reason for you to try, too. Ride on!

Interested in trying Revolve? You’re in luck – our Summer Savings are still on at Revolve NYC!

Flip flops with blue decking

Featured Revolve Rider: 31 Days of Sweat Finalist, Katie

Katie was not only DC’s runner-up in last month’s 31 Days of Sweat Challenge, but when we first reached out to her, we were incredibly humbled by how inspirational and motivating her fitness journey has been.


1.      As one of our Top 10 31 Days Riders, what made you excited to participate? What were your personal goals for the month of May?

I’d only been riding at Revolve for a few weeks before the challenge began, but I had already fallen in love. The challenge was an added bonus since I was already going two times a day on average. When I saw the ultimate prize for a bike, I knew I had to try averaging three classes a day.

I volunteer and cook meals at the Fisher House DC – which is where families of wounded warriors stay while their loved ones are having surgery and recuperating at Walter Reed.  I met an amazing Army Lt. Col. who lost both legs above his knees and used cycling in his physical therapy, something I could relate to. Due to his prosthetics, he couldn’t use a male bike  so I gave him my female bike without hesitating for a second.  It was the least I could do for a man who served our country and almost died doing so.  I’m now in the process of saving up money to buy another bike.

2.      What kept you motivated day after day?

I am being completely honest when I say that the prizes were not my main motivation – not at all.  Getting healthier and stronger has and will remain my number one motivator.  What also really kept me going were the friends I was making as well as the enthusiasm and guidance I received daily from the instructors.  It didn’t hurt either when riders I did not even know would come up to me and ask, are you Katie?  Then they would proceed to tell me how they loved my tweets and/or hoped I’d win the bike.  It meant a lot that folks were paying attention and that definitely pushed me, especially when I wanted to hit that snooze button.

Finally, during the month of May I led a DietBet game, where you have to lose four percent of your body weight in 28 days, and you win money! I’m happy to report that by adding Revolve to my exercise routine I went beyond the four percent and actually lost just over six percent in a month’s time!

3.      How did 31 Days change your relationship with Revolve? With your health/fitness/working out? Did you learn anything new about yourself or the Revolve community during the challenge?

I’ve never been a runner – ever – but I am a “Walker” after all 😉  I’ve tried everything to get into running, including taking expensive running lessons from professional coaches. I wanted to find a workout that was tough, that made me sweat, lose weight, and go distances that I never thought possible.

So one day a friend invited me to her gym to try cycling and after my butt recovered (cause there’s no way around it, those seats make you sore) I was like, this isn’t so bad.  Then I remember Francina, who until then was just my awesome Zumba teacher, telling me a local news channel would be featuring her  Barre Ride.  I grew up dancing and I liked that one indoor-cycling class – so after watching the segment, it just clicked and I went in and bought a monthly package at Revolve.  I started with just the Barre Ride once a week, and then bought the monthly intro package, then went all out and purchased a yearly membership.


Francina and Katie after a tough Barre Ride

I learned that it’s ok that I can still be an athlete even if I’m not a runner.  After a few months at Revolve, I am proud to say I’m a cyclist.

4.      What physical/mental/emotional outcomes did you notice after participating in the challenge?

This is a little bit of a long story, but it really explains how far I’ve come physically, mentally, and emotionally in my life.  I will be celebrating the third anniversary of surviving a terrible car crash in India this upcoming June 25.  I was on my way to see the Taj Mahal. The accident shattered both of my legs in multiple places, so I had to have rods put in during surgery.  My left lung collapsed, I broke ribs and my nose and had weird burn marks all over my stomach and arms.  The worst discovery would be finding out I sustained a traumatic brain injury – the neurological ramifications that I’ll be living with for the rest of my life.

I was on complete bed rest for four and half months.  I’ve gone through multiple physical therapy sessions, neurological rehabilitation, and counseling to deal with depression.

There were many times I thought how much better it would have been if I had just died during that accident, it would have been better than the physical, mental, and emotional toll the accident took on me.  Then I thought about the people who have overcome more than I have and I knew that part of becoming healthy again meant being active both physically and mentally.  I used to be a “the glass is half-empty” kind of person before the accident, but today I’m just happy to get a sip of water.

5.      How will you continue to sweat hard?

After the accident, along with some other hard things that happened in my life, I gained 70 pounds in two and a half years. Since October 2012, when I was finally cleared by all my doctors to start working out again, I’ve lost 40 pounds, including 12 during May’s 31 Days of Sweat Challenge!!  I still have about 40-50 pounds more I’d like to lose.  In addition to Revolve classes, I have continued to take Zumba classes, do lap swimming, and take long walks on the Custis and Mt. Vernon Trails.  Recently, I’ve taken up tennis lessons and joined a doubles tennis league.  My endurance on the court has skyrocketed since I started Revolve.  I’m also looking forward to using one of my prizes – a month-long MyBootcamp membership with Revolve instructor, Grant.

Katie and Patrick - Tennis

Katie and her doubles partner, Patrick, two and a half weeks post Challenge.

6.      What tips do you have for other people facing down challenges in and out of the studio?

It’s really quite simple. LIVE YOUR LIFE ONE DAY AT A TIME.  While it’s good to have long-term goals, it can be especially daunting if you don’t celebrate small victories, whether it’s a few ounces of weight lost to increasing the resistance on your bike.  We all have bad days – from eating what we shouldn’t to not getting any exercise in. That doesn’t mean you quit your journey all together, it just means the next day you vow you’ll get back on track.

Featured Revolve Riders: The Carlin Twins

Sweat first, sweet potato fries after —  this weekly ritual keeps two sisters dedicated to their fitness. Meet Ilana and Samantha Carlin, twins who meet at Revolve NYC every week to keep each other committed to their healthy lifestyles.

IMG_20130420_124019_887Ilana (L) and Samantha (R) love meeting for sweat dates at Revolve!

Do you have twin workout styles, or are you different?

Ilana: I’m competitive and Samantha is more easy-going. I used to run track and cross country, and still occasionally run 5Ks, so when I exercise I’m always trying to beat someone else, or just myself! Samantha is into yoga and I’ve never been able to handle that!

Samantha: My workouts are “me time”– to refresh after work and reconnect with myself. I definitely don’t have Ilana’s competitive edge when I exercise. I’m balancing a full-time job, working on a writing career, and volunteering for a non-profit — exercising recharges my creative energy.

Who pushes the other?

Samantha: Ilana definitely pushes me as a role model. She’s so in shape and keeps to her workout schedule — even heading to the gym during her lunch hour at work — it’s inspiring!

Why does working out together motivate you?

When we lived together, we’d always see and expect each other at the gym after work. If one of us didn’t show up, we knew we’d be held accountable. Now that we live in separate neighborhoods, we don’t have that physical, in-your-face proof.

We miss the constant togetherness, so we meet at Revolve. We’re depending on each other to be there, and we never want to let each other down, so it adds a level of commitment to showing up for the workout.

Tell us about your post-workout ritual. Be honest, do you refuel with something healthy, or indulge a little? 

We always go out to dinner after class. Lately, we’ve been heading to Grey Dog on University Place for some simple and healthy post-ride options. The ride makes us feel so good that we just want to continue the healthiness!

We can’t resist the sweet potato fries, though — do you call that indulging? So, still in our workout gear, we’ll eat together, debrief the workout, talk about how much our legs hurt and chat about life.

Why does it help to workout with a friend in class that doesn’t let you talk to each other?

Ilana: Just knowing that she’s there, sharing the same experience, is enough to motivate me. After class, we talk about how we did and how we felt, and encourage each other to push harder next time if need be.

Samantha: And, with separate jobs and lives, at Revolve we get to know the same great people, the awesome teachers, listen to the same music…in New York, where we’re all so scattered pursuing our own things, indoor cycling together brings us to common ground, which usually feels nearly impossible to find in this city, even for twins!

How do you keep up with your workout dates together?

Ilana: We compare calendars on the weekends, and plan what day works for us. Since we’re both super committed (addicted?!) to exercising at Revolve together, we never skip out, unless one of us is out of town. No matter what, we will make it work! I’ll text her Monday at 8:25am: “RESERVE YOUR BIKE!”.

Samantha: I treat our workout dates like any other appointment I can’t break…if I get an invitation to something on an evening when I’m signed up for Revolve, or know that’s the one day that week we’ll be able to make it to class, I tell friends or colleagues that I have plans.

When Ilana isn’t at Revolve, you can catch her running loops around Central Park, reading, and trying new restaurants and bars with her friends. In between indoor cycling classes, Samantha mixes up her workouts with kickboxing and regular gym time; she also volunteers as a Writing Mentor with Girls Write Now.