A Day in the Life of Kristin Kenney

As a former ballerina, modern dancer, and competitive road cyclist, Revolve NYC Senior Master Instructor Kristin Kenney is no stranger to constant motion. Kristin’s international childhood (she grew up in Asia, and her family traveled all over the world) turned traveling into her way of life.  Now, as a wife and mother of two, Kristin is always on the move balancing work, family and fitness. Check out Kristin’s typical day.

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5:15AM Wake-Up Call in Montclair, NJ

Between personal training clients and morning cycling classes at Revolve, I always get an early start to my day. I’m out of the house and on my way to the city by 5:30AM, with a double espresso in hand.

8AM: Real Ride vs. Morning Meditation

In between teaching indoor cycling classes at Revolve, I’m recruiting, auditioning or training incoming or current instructors. I’ll also answer emails, and my favorites are ones with feedback and questions from our Riders; it’s really important to me to maintain solid relationships with them! Every week, I pick a “Real Rider of the Week”, which I promote on Facebook and Twitter.

My indoor cycling career began at a tiny strip mall gym in New Jersey, where I had Bobbi Brown as a student. I’d seen a lot of cycling all over the world, which sparked my interest in teaching. I saw a huge need for indoor cycling to recreate the thrill, fitness and incomparable fun of road cycling, but no one was doing it.

I had just started competing in road cycling races, so I started bringing my past training rides/races from abroad and the U.S. into class. People loved it. Teaching indoor cycling made me compete and train more outdoors. Now my road experience and indoor cycling teaching nurture each other, delivering a compelling classroom experience.

If I’m not teaching, I meditate for an hour at the Jivamukti Yoga School. If I miss that, I make time throughout the day to meditate.

12PM: Fresh Juice and Eats


Even Baby John loves Mommy’s green juice!

I make fresh juice every day, and use kale, pineapple, ginger, lemon, apple, cucumber and celery. If I need a quick juice or bite to eat while at the studio, I go to Whole Foods Union Square. I also love JivamukTea Cafe. Throughout the day, I eat small meals with lean protein like fish, chicken and legumes. At home, I’m big on making quick, healthy meals like grilled salmon and easy sides.


Maybe it’s because I grew up in Asia, but I’m always craving Asian food! As a family, we love going to Oriental Garden in Chinatown for Dim Sum. My husband and I lived in the East Village for a while and for a treat, I’ll bring home takeout from East Village Thai.

2:30PM: Bonding Time with My Babies

I make time to visit my eight year-old daughter’s school as much as I can. On my last visit, I gave a fun wellness class for the 2nd grade!

After I pick her up, we look over her homework while we play with my one and a half year-old son. There’s no TV allowed during the week at my house, so we play a lot and keep our lives simple and organized.

6PM: Time to Ride

I get out on my road bike for a quick ride or I’ll go see my colleague, Mark Mogavero, who is an amazing strength and conditioning coach. I do hard workouts only three times a week.

After almost two years off from competitive cycling, I’m thrilled to be on the Colavita women’s cycling team. Racing and riding outside has taught me perspective and given my life balance. This is why I ride and why I practice meditation: to stay present, grateful and calm.

10PM: Early Bedtime for the Kenneys

My children go to bed by 7:30PM and I’m in bed by 10PM at the latest. My husband and I spend some quality time together at the end of the day and go out alone twice a week.

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A Day in the Life of Francina Segbefia

Former figure competitor (think bodybuilding) turned indoor cycling and Zumba queen, Revolve DC instructor Francina Segbefia is also a lawyer-by-day extraordinaire. She’s of Portuguese and Ghanaian descent, speaks Portuguese and some French, and dreams of someday living on a sunny farm. Fascinating, right?  Check out Francina’s typical day.


5AM: Rise, Shine and Sweat

On weekdays, I’m up by 5AM either to teach an early morning indoor cycling class, workout with my trainer, or on my own. I’m a big fan of early morning workouts. On the weekends, I get up around 6 or 7AM to meditate and do yoga.

Many people don’t know this about me, but I struggled with my weight for many years.  One day, I hired a nutritionist and personal trainer to help me train for my first figure competition. I’ve now competed in three competitions, and while I’m glad I did it, I don’t have plans to compete again anytime soon. It’s an extreme lifestyle!


9AM: Attorney Segbefia

I love my job as as a full-time lawyer (I’m a judicial law clerk for the federal government), but it can be hectic. Between conference calls, writing legal documents, attending hearings, and traveling, I grab every opportunity to brainstorming playlists for my weekly classes. Music helps me relax and focus, and I’ve been caught dancing in my chair plenty of times at work!

Clean Eats

I’m a big believer in finding a diet that works for you because I used to obsess over it. Once I learned to relax and listen to my body, I realized that it naturally tells me what it needs. I’ve kept the excess weight off for almost five years just by learning how to listen to my body!  Here’s a typical day of eats for me:

Breakfast: Boiled or scrambled egg whites, oatmeal (or grilled red potato hash), coffee and fruit

Lunch: Soup and a HUGE salad

Dinner: A HUGE salad with lean proteins and tons of veggies. If I have time, I’ll sauté a bag of spinach, kale, or roast some veggies.

I probably stop at Trader Joe’s in Clarendon at least 3-4 times a week. Weekend treats include a visit to Bakeshop (I have a major sweet tooth) and sushi with my girlfriends.

 5:30PM: Sweatin’ Pretty

On weeknights, I either teach an evening Zumba or indoor cycling class, and typically teach between 8-10 classes a week.

From sparkly headbands, and fun/funky fitness clothes, to eyelash and hair extensions, I’m all about lookin’ good while working out hard.  Someday, I’d love to create a natural makeup line for women who work out that gives you that pretty workout glow and won’t damage your skin. I’d call it “Sporty Girl” – you heard it here first!

10PM: Lights Out!

I wind down by watching TV (Biggest Loser, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and Judge Judy) and get to bed as early as possible. I’ve been known to fall asleep as early as 7PM. I need my rest to keep up my schedule!

But on the weekends, I let loose!  One of my go-to spots in DC is Cuba Libre. I go early for dinner and then stay until it becomes a Latin Dance club. My friends and I will dance for hours into the night if you let us! For a few more of my favorite spots in DC, check out this Pinterest board.

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If Superwoman Were a DJ: A Day in the Life of Christianne Phillips

Here’s a typical day in the life of our favorite former professional dancer, wife, and super-mom of identical twin boys: Revolve NYC Senior Master Instructor Christianne Phillips. Take a peek into Christianne’s daily whirlwind of PKL: playlists, kids and laundry, (the super-mom’s version of GTL).

Christianne's Life5:30AM Wakeup: A Playlist is Born

Typically, in the middle of the week I get up between 5:30 and 6 AM, and check email. I work on upcoming Revolve events and marketing, while also creating the day’s playlist. I like to check out music blogs and find new artists/music to blend the new stuff with tracks I’ve already played. I have that alone-time for about a half hour before my kids wake up.

Breakfast and Break-Dancing

Making breakfast for my boys is my absolute favorite time of day. We talk and hang out; they tell me about the day ahead, and show me their latest dance moves. I usually make them eggs or oatmeal with milk, brown sugar and cinnamon; they’re also really into bagels and lox right now. I make myself a kale-based smoothie.

5-minute Beauty Ritual (Hair-Brushing Optional)

I get the boys ready for school while sipping my coffee, which I can’t go without. I spend about 5 minutes getting ready. Sometimes I don’t even have time to brush my hair. I just throw on some workout clothes and take them to school. The other parents at the twins’ school have never seen me in street clothes – only workout gear.

Once a month I get my lashes done at JJ in Soho. I don’t have time to spend on my day-to-day look, and this is the one thing that makes me feel somewhat put together on crazy days.

Breaking News: Revolve Instructors Don’t Just Workout on the Bike!

After dropping the kids off, I head back to the apartment for a workout in my building’s gym. I get in some weights and plyometrics while listening to the class playlist I made earlier that morning.

On days when I don’t teach classes, I go for a run, then either Pure Yoga, SLT, or Kula in Williamsburg. I try to do at least one yoga and one SLT class every week.

Midday: The Urban Hunter/Gatherer and Her Evolving Playlist

I head back to the computer for a couple hours to mix the day’s playlist. I don’t just make playlists, I actually mix the music together. I’m also constantly working from home with the Revolve team, helping other instructors with music and special events, and creating programs and workshops. Revolve has the most talented instructors in the city, and it’s an honor leading and supporting them.

During this time, I also do laundry. I do laundry every single day because of my kids and all the clothes I use working out.

When I have lunch out, my favorite places are Jivamuktea CaféHu Kitchen, and One Lucky Duck. I try to have lunch with friends or schedule my Revolve meetings for lunch. I make dinner about 5 nights a week.  It’s not absurd for me to spend a couple hours making dinner.

Every week, I go to stores all over the city to source ingredients for my cooking – I’m very particular. Check out this Pinterest board of some of my favorite places.

Early to Bed…

After I teach classes in the evening, I try to meet up with friends. We hit up wine bars and keep it low-key. At least once a month we go dancing – I love checking out local DJs, and I’m usually so excited that I don’t drink because I’m afraid to muddle the experience!

On nights I teach, I do about another half hour more of emails after getting home, then get to bed by 10:30PM. But when the hubby’s home and not traveling for business, we try to have alone time after putting the kids to bed.

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