12 Days of Revolve Success: Vera Kuipers

Continuing our 12 Days of Revolve Success! We hope it gives YOU your 2014 inspiration! Check out this story from NYC Rider, Vera Kuipers! 

Revolve became an important and integral part of my training as a distance runner and a big motivator towards my cycling goals.  Initially, I was afraid the extra cycling would hurt my running, but I loved it so much. I decided to add on the classes and I felt surprisingly strong in road races! I had some unexpected Personal Records (PRs) and had a great first sprint triathlon experience.

My body feels more balanced, defined, and less injury-prone. Revolve revived my workout routine in a very positive way.

From Revolve, and Kristin Kenney, I learned proper form and technique, but also that I’m stronger than I thought. Kristin’s inspiring mantras and affirmative comments help me to stay honest, strong, and helped improve my resilience.

In addition, I met some great people within the Revolve community and made new friends. It’s such a joy to enter Revolve and work out with them in an inspiring environment full of amazing people!

 We wish you continued success, Vera! Thanks for riding!

12 Days of Revolve Success: Kristen Rhode

Over the next two weeks we will be sharing some of the stories of our amazing riders and their success from 2013. We hope you get your ‘inspiration on’ for 2014! Here’s to the New Year and the continued #RevivaloftheFittest!

Here is what DC Rider, Kristen Rhode, had to share:

As a former marathon runner, it has been very hard to accept that as I get older, perhaps my body isn’t into my 12+ mile runs anymore.  It’s not to say that I still don’t love a good butt-kicking long run- but with a full-time job and planning a wedding; I no longer schedule my weekends around pounding the pavement for hours at a time. I still get my half-marathons in about twice a year, but I was looking for that “something else” and I certainly found it at Revolve. 

As a former college athlete (lightweight crew and lacrosse, D1 Patriot League), I was craving a more “tuned in” place to work out, with real motivators that reminded me of my past coaches.  Well, I started coming to Revolve. I have met the nicest people who really and truly want to WORK.  I have been pushed outside of my comfort zone once again by the incredible instructors. I look forward to coming to class, the set-up, the music and the overall energy of the room when class begins. 

Within the first month at Revolve, I have lost about an inch and a half and my arms are getting back in shape. It centers me. I love myself for taking better care of myself.  Revolve helps me take care of myself – mentally, physically and spiritually – it is really the best medicine.

Kristin Rhode