About Revolve Fitness

Revolve is one of few specialized indoor cycling studios to open in the greater Washington, DC area. A studio, as opposed to a larger all-encompassing gym, Revolve pays close attention to detail, priding itself on maintaining the highest standards for both instructors and equipment. With approximately 40 Schwinn bikes in studio, Revolve offers ample opportunity for cycle enthusiasts to benefit from its three unique, custom-designed classes. With these options, cyclists can tailor their cycle workouts to different needs, all while keeping up with the intense cardio workout for which indoor cycling is known:

Real Ride (RR) is a traditional cycling class focusing on cardio and building endurance, designed to provide participants with a competitive edge in a body that can deliver in real life.

Complete Body Ride (CBR) is a custom-designed hybrid class incorporating cycling and upper body weight training, designed to offer everything needed in one complete class – cardio, strength and flexibility.

Barre Ride (BR) is a custom-designed hybrid classes incorporating cycling and barre method training, designed to provide both intense cycling cardio and toning barre-based exercises all in one class.

At Revolve, participants can expect to find a community where bonds with instructors and fellow riders grow beyond the cycle room. The studio atmosphere allows for people to meet and form relationships with other local like-minded people. Revolve welcomes cyclists of all ages, backgrounds, levels of fitness and experience.

Revolve provides fitness enthusiasts with the ultimate experience whether the goal is to lose weight, complement another workout style or enjoy a community of people with similar interests.

Come in and try us out. We look forward to riding with you!

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