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Hey Fellow Revolve Riders!

My name is Megan and I am a local foodie and fitness blogger over at Food & Fitness. I teamed up with Revolve about a month ago and dove head first into the world of cycling. A little about me before I break into today’s topic: MeganKellyI started running seriously in March of 2012, just when I was really starting to see some huge gains in my speed and endurance I tore my ACL in a soccer game. I spent the next 6 months rehabbing and then trained for and completed my first marathon in March of 2014. I was naive thinking my body could handle that kind of training and things just started to fall apart. Add spraining my ankle in April to my bum knee and running was just off the table. The same day I sprained my ankle I went to a blogger ride at Revolve (yes I know, not smart) and we fell in lust.

MeganLegBraceInjuries can either tear you down or teach you how to find your strength and keep going. One of my favorite things about Revolve classes are the little motivational cues that all the instructors yell out at exactly the right time. The first two weeks at Revolve was really mentally tough for me. Week one went amazing and then week two came and I found that my legs were dead. Interval training like that is a tough work out and you can easily burn yourself out. I was down on myself for a minute feeling like I couldn’t push through and Dorothy told us to find our strength.

Finding your strength can mean so many things to different people. I want to focus specifically on how to over come injury, thinking outside of the box, and maintaining a positive attitude.

Quick PSA – if you are injured see a doctor, don’t count on the interwebs to diagnose yourself. Once you have been to the doctors and know what is wrong this is the time to do something. Figure out what you can do to strengthen the supporting muscles and joints. Weight lifting and cross training need to become your best friends. My first strength goal after blowing out my knee was being able to do 30 regular push ups. It may not seem like much but it was a goal that I knew I would have to work towards. As fitness lovers we also love goals, find an attainable goal and work towards it. Having a goal of getting those push ups in got me to the gym. At the gym I did full body work outs but always incorporated push ups, it is all about getting out the door.

Once you reach a goal pick a different one. Once my knee could handle it I started going to yoga and my goal was 2 – 3x a week. Small goals = higher success rate, and who doesn’t like winning?

Always take you doctor or physical therapist’s advice on when to incorporate any physical activity into your routine post-injury. For knee specific injuries, from my experience, I would not recommend cycling right away. Leaving the saddle can be a recipe for disaster for a bad knee especially at low resistance. If you choose to cycle, you can always stay in the saddle and get a great workout from there. Cycling is an incredible low impact cardio work out that will keep your endurance at the same level as pre-injury you. My favorite cardio equipment post injury was the rowing machine. If you have access to one give it a try.

While tearing my ACL, rehabbing, and giving away a small fortune to pay for it was not ideal it did show me how resilient I was. It also opened my eyes to so many different types of exercise.


What was your last major injury and how did you rehab / stay active after it?

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