Introducing: NOVA MMA

Revolve DC is partnering with local fitness studios in 2014 and we’d like to introduce you to one of our partners, NOVA MMA, located near Courthouse metro. We asked NOVA MMA owner and instructor, Chau Bui, why she is excited about our partnership, what NOVA MMA can do for Revolve riders, and more! Here is what Chau had to say:

Why are you excited about partnering with Revolve?

One of the things I have not taken advantage over the years was creating partnerships with local businesses that could complement NOVA MMA.  Alliances are good; it creates good energy and it benefits to all.

NOVA MMA will provide an additional outlet for Revolve riders who want to mix it up outside of the studio and get their cross-training in. I hope NOVA MMA members take advantage of Revolve and the many rides offered. I feel it provides them some options to add extra cardio to their training regimen.


Tell us how NOVA MMA came to be? Where are you today? What do you offer? 

NOVA MMA began in February 2004 as solely an MMA gym, renting space from a small martial arts studio.  We quickly expanded into more space and moved to Virginia Square until our landlord kicked us out and we ran our gym out of a church basement before we moved to Courthouse where are today!  The first year, only two programs were offered (Jiu Jitsu and Thai Boxing), offering approximately four classes per week. By the end of the first year, NOVA MMA had barely 30 students.

Since its inception, the offerings at NOVA MMA have grown from a handful of classes per week and 30 members to six full programs, 100 classes per week, and 600 members. Programs currently offered at the gym:

  • Our Women’s Program with cardio kickboxing, strength and conditioning and boot camp
  • Grappling program (Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and wrestling)
  • Striking program (Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing)
  • CrossFit
  • Self defense with Krav Maga
  • Kids Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, and Judo.

Our partnership is focused on the Women’s Program. Tell us about it, its benefits, and offerings? 

Our Women’s Program is unique and one of a kind in this area.  We offer female only kickboxing, boot camps, plus strength and conditioning. Class of all women and always taught by women!  Kickboxing has so many benefits – fun, stress relieving, a challenging workout, and builds confidence.  Some may be deceived because it’s a women’s program, but we work hard to get fit. The workouts all depend on how much a woman wants to push herself; Any person can make their own workout more intense if they chose to.  We cater to all levels and abilities and its fun to watch someone start as a pure beginner to being kick-ass.  We offer lunch and evening classes, with package and unlimited classes available.  Anyone without any kickboxing experience we require taking our Sunday Introduction to Kickboxing class, so they can receive their crash course to surviving our regular classes!


We hear you have an anniversary party coming up? What can we expect? 

Our 10 year anniversary event is on Saturday Feb 22, 2014 from 9 am to 2 pm.  It doesn’t feel like 10 years has gone by, which is frightening, because time does move fast when you are busy trying to grow and build something from ground up.  We hope many people stop in just to say hello and enjoy their visit.   The event will have food, drinks, fitness contests, prizes, martial arts demonstrations, and entertainment.  This 10 year event marks a celebration of the members and staff who made it possible.  It didn’t happen overnight and it didn’t happen with just one person doing it.

Chau, tell us about yourself and your fitness history!

I’ve been in fitness for about 15+ years now.  Growing up, I played a lot of competitive tennis and always enjoyed running.  I started lifting weights in high school and really liked it, but also because it was part of a requirement for my physical education class.  I really didn’t get into lifting again until my mid-twenties and the gym I went to had kickboxing so I got hooked on that as well.

I was approached by a bodybuilder to try out these “figure” contests they just started to promote which was supposed to attract women who had a softer look than bodybuilders.  I gave it a shot because I wanted to see how much I could transform my body.  I had an aggressive goal, having to change all my current habits where my diet and training was very strict for two years straight.  I was happy with the results, but more satisfied with understanding how food, supplementation and exercise affected my body.  It took a lot of patience and experimentation.

After awhile, I shifted my interest towards something that required more activities other than being a gym rat.  I started competing in female obstacle course events and I met a lot of incredible athletes.  My training shifted towards developing more strength, power, speed and agility.  In the meantime, I was still doing kickboxing, and when my gym opened in 2004, I wanted to share this passion to others.


For details on the partnership discounts, please refer to the Revolve DC Metro Facebook page or email the DC studio.

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