12 Days of Revolve Success: Dana Tarricone

Meet NYC Rider, Dana Tarricone, and her story how Revolve hooked her to be better and stronger! 

I have been an athlete my whole life and started getting into indoor cycling a few years ago at the local gym.  I first came to Revolve last winter after getting frustrated with the uninspiring classes in my gym. I was looking to get my routine in a different place without “fuss.”  


My first class was a Saturday morning Body Ride (I’m an early bird) with Christianne – I had zero expectation but was hopeful – what was this new no name studio in my neighborhood?  After the hardest 45 minutes I had ever had in a bike studio I was instantly HOOKED.  I loved that there were no gimmicks just hard work. Push-ups on a bike? NO THANK YOU!

Each teacher is inspiring in his/her own unique way and each class (after almost a year) still pushes me to work harder and get stronger.  I love that Revolve has become an important part of my life and I thank each and every instructor for making me a better/stronger version of myself both inside and out!

Dana, THANK YOU! Your words have captured what we strive to create and achieve for our riders everyday! Keep up the great work!

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