12 Days of Revolve Success: Kate Peterson

This is what it’s all about! Great story from DC Rider, Kate Peterson!¬†

My first ride at Revolve was two summers ago when I was looking for some cross-training I could do in between long runs. I attended class on and off (more when I wasn’t training for a race) until this past September when I got a stress fracture in my heel. After three miserable weeks of not being allowed to do anything, my doctor gave me the go ahead to try cycling. I went straight to Revolve (like literally‚Ķ on the way home from Virginia Hospital Center)!

I started going nearly every day. It was therapeutic for me. I am someone who needs to be in motion, who needs to be sweating and moving, and Revolve did that for me. I had spent the three previous weeks feeling like all I wanted to do was crawl under the covers. Revolve picked me up, put me back on my feet, and helped me feel excited about exercising again.

Cycling at Revolve offers me that physical challenge and replicates the emotional “high” that I get from running. The instructors are challenging – they demand a lot of you, but also give all they have to each class. It is also similar to running in that it offers a great community of like-minded people. I feel a lot more positive and happy being able to hit up “club revolve” as Stephanie would say. I was also able to keep up my cardiovascular endurance.

Recently, I finally got the go ahead from my doctor to start running again. I wouldn’t say things are pretty, but I am amping up my mileage without feeling too winded. I’m excited to start running again, but I’m positively hooked on Revolve, so my training plan will include a lot more cross-training!

Kate, What a wonderful story! We are so glad we are part of it, that your experience has been positive, and still continues to evolve for you! Thanks for keeping us in your plans for 2014! We look forward to more rides with you! #RockStar

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