12 Days of Revolve Success: Mallika Iyer

More success from 2013! Check out this story from NYC rider, Mallika Iyer! She found the strength to believe in her body again after starting to ride at Revolve NYC in early 2013.

Years ago, I suffered from a horrible rock-climbing accident. It left both my knees badly injured, the cartilage extremely damaged, and it took all of 6 years to almost heal. I couldn’t walk for a year and it still bothers me today whenever I push myself too hard. My doctor told me that I should absolutely avoid biking. Or Spinning. Or running. Unless I wanted to get injured again. Apparently once broken, it’s never fixed. I can attest to that, as I have to get painful injections into my knee every year, to keep it strong. Not to mention countless sessions of physiotherapy. I stuck to other workouts – barre based, weights, strength training, mild cardio – very reluctantly and with a great deal of apprehension.

I first tried Revolve in early 2013. I figured, 1 class. That’s it. ONE SESSION. Worst case scenario, I’ll stop and leave after 10 minutes if my knees start to hurt. I started my first ride; my first time on a bike after almost 7 years. To say I was terrified of relapsing would be an understatement. The dim lights helped! I was expecting to stop, I was expecting the knee pain to return, but it didn’t. Instead, something amazing happened – I FELT amazing. Strong. Like the accident never happened. I kept coming back. I loved that I could forget the old weaknesses of my body. I can’t ride every day, but I can do it often enough to continue doing it for a long time.

Revolve NYC helped believe in my body again. Frankly, I can’t ask for more.         


Congratulations, Mallika! Keep up the great work!

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