Big changes have been happening at our DC studio over the last few weeks. Recently, we welcomed Alex, our regional manager, as a new Instructor at Revolve. Well guess what, here we are with another instructor reveal. Let’s welcome Orjiugo to the Revolve family- what a stunning name right? The best sense of humour- coupled with a kick-a** cycling routine will surely make her classes very popular in our ever expanding Revolve community. We want everyone to know a bit about her, so we asked her to answer a few questions. Some of her answers will definitely make you chuckle!



You have a beautiful name! Can you tell us a bit about what it means and where it comes from?

Thank you! I am originally Nigerian and an ‘Orjiugo’ is a rare and allegedly incredibly precious kola nut. So yes, I hadn’t even said my first words and my parents named me a nut. 

What is your background/ where are you from?

 I’m originally Nigerian and I grew up in the UK. I’ve lived in DC since the summer or 2009, so I’d have to say all over the shop!

What brought you to the indoor cycling world? 

I think one of my best friends in the UK dragged me kicking and screaming to a class because she loved the spunky and energetic curly haired instructor and her music. I took a few classes and that was it, really. Indoor cycling has stayed part of my life.   When I decided to become an instructor, it was a natural choice for me, but I did not expect to love teaching as much as I do and I did not expect my style to be…you might have to come and find out. 

We noticed that you like to travel! Where is your favorite place to visit?

An incredibly difficult question to give one answer. There is so much to see and explore in the world. I love somethings about different places more than others but I can honestly say I love every place I’ve chosen to go to.  My favourite city in the world has to be London (gray as it is). The best best for food – London (the best Indian, Thai, Chinese… I’ve had, but I have not yet been to India or Thailand. They are on my list), also Nigeria and Italy. For shopping, I still love London. For scenery and exploring Paris, Marrakech, Negril, Barcelona…it just depends on what one is looking for. I love them all. 

Tell us a bit about what you do outside of the studio? How do you spend your time on the average day?

 I have a really busy day job but I take the time to write. I also write health and fitness articles for a UK-based international magazine – New African Woman. I teach BodyCombat, BodyPump and CXWorx. I make quickie recipes and spend time with my friends and family. I also hunt spies and slay dragons. 😉


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