Once again, we have a new addition to Revolve! Well…not exactly :)  On top of being our regional manager, Alex is officially adding the role of instructor to one of her long “to do” lists!

To our DC Riders, let’s give her a warm welcome. 


How long have you been indoor cycling? What sparked your passion for it?

Revolve sparked my passion!  I was being recruited for the Studio Manager position at the VA location, but wanted to familiarize myself with their product before coming on board.  After attending class with Christianne and Francina, I was immediately hooked.  I’ve been living and breathing indoor cycling ever since!

You seem to do it all! Teach, manage Revolve, plan a wedding – what’s your secret to staying on top of everything?

“To do” lists, to-do lists, to-do lists for everything.  If I don’t write something down, there’s no way I’ll remember to do it.  My dad taught me to use “to do” lists way back when –  I had my first job and was trying to balance school, job, and teaching ballet – his always starts with written down short-term and long-term goals.  I don’t know what I would do without my lists :-)

Tell us what you love about Revolve! What about us has kept you here and will continue to keep you here?

Between Revolve’s community (team, instructors, riders!), the science behind our method, and the culture – I couldn’t be more grateful to work for a company that aligns so well with my love for innovative and effective fitness.

Tell us what you’re going to add to the mix – What’s your teaching style like? What music and/or themed rides should we expect in your class?

I’ve always appreciated being pushed past my limits in all types of workouts, that’s exactly what I bring to my rides.  We’ll take advantage of every minute we have together and challenge our minds, our bodies to new levels.  Obviously, none of which can happen without motivational music that lets you get lost in time 😉 

Who has been your biggest inspiration/motivation to make this change in your life- who keeps you going?

My best friend, my partner, my love and fiancé, Chris.  He’s an inspiration every day – I’ve never been surrounded by someone as passionate and dedicated to their goals as him.  Chris holds me accountable to be my best self and is the motivation behind staying on track with my own goals.  Did I mention he makes me green juice every morning?!  You’ve got to start your day off right! :-)

Come on Riders, we want to see her classes get sold out!

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