Anatomy of the Ride: SoftGrip Weights

One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Revolve is why we use the SoftGrip weights over dumbbells. We sat down with Master Instructor and co-creator of the RIP RideKira Stokes, to discuss some of the benefits of the SoftGrip weights and came up with 3 simple reasons why these SoftGrip weights trump traditional dumbbells.


1) Easy Grip:

These SoftGrip weights conform to your grasp and are easy to hold. They are comfortable and soft, yet not floppy and overall, un-intimidating. However, you still get the efficient upper body strengthening in every class.

2) Used in Physical Therapy:

Believe it or not, SoftGrip weights are used in physical therapy for patients with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. It also helps prevent these conditions so this is good for those who are stuck in front of a computer all day!

3) Safety:

Your safety is our biggest priority when Riding at Revolve. The SoftGrip weights give you a safer option to alternate between two different sized weights and is also a lot safer to drop than a dumbbell. Due to it’s soft but flexible shape, it’ll hurt less if you accidentally drop it on your foot or someone else’s hand.

Tell us in the comments below what you’ve enjoyed so far about our SoftGrip Weights or Tweet us @RevolveDC or @RevolveNYC with any other questions you may have!

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