Instructor Reveal: Robin Arzon

We’re excited to introduce our latest addition to the Revolve family. Riders, meet Robin! She’s our lawyer turned ultramarathoner, fashionista and fitness apparel designing instructor and just about the sweetest person to ever come through our doors.


Every New Yorker has a story about how and why they ended up here. What’s yours?

NYC is my boyfriend. We’re in a long term relationship. I moved here to attend NYU back when Bungalow 8 was still a thing, and then moved back after law school. Grandmaster Flash said it best, “New York, New York Big City of Dreams. Everything in New York ain’t always what it seems.”


NYC has so many different specialized workouts. What drew you to indoor cycling and how has that affected your ultramarathon-ing?

Indoor cycling is the perfect cross training. The added bonus of tapping into a powerful zone on the bike is a plus. I rode outside to get from A to B, but I didn’t understand the power of indoor cycling until I started taking classes at Equinox. Jay Blahnik, someone I really admire in health and wellness, showed me what’s possible in a cycling class. The marriage of sweat, music, and endorphins was truly a spiritual experience for me. It inspired me to live a life high on sweat.

Most surprising thing on your Bucket List?

Running across the country is on my “To Do” list. And I fully plan to have Beyonce in class one day. You hear that, Bey?

What inspired you to design your own fitness apparel line? Will we be seeing some pieces as Revolve apparel?

“Sweat with swagger” is my mantra. Look good, work hard, and never sacrifice style for function. Spandex is my business casual. I live boldly, and I wanted to create a line that reflects that. It launches this fall and I can’t wait to share it with the Revolve family. Revolve bleeds authenticity, and so do I. We’re the perfect fit.


Any tips for people who want to leave their corporate jobs and follow their dreams?

Your life is your message and you have the power to create yourself. I believe when you’re pursuing your passions, the universe has a funny way of giving you what you need. A few tips about career changes:

  • Think about what makes you truly happy and do more of that.
  • There will never be the “perfect” moment. Act now.
  • Do an honest assessment of your dreams & your skill sets. This will help take calculated risks.
  • Dream big; hustle hard. Remember: you are 1 of 1.

Be sure to stop by and sweat with Robin this Saturday, October 26 at 1:45PM for her FREE Instructor Reveal Ride! Be on the look out for Robin’s name on the schedule. We’re thrilled to have her be a part of our family!

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